“The life of the passion is living in action

and noble and fierce is the sting . . .”

A select collection of poems and photographs. Each with a unique theme and message. The poems were written for different collections in the past few decades. The photographs are all from the past ten years.

Print copies in book form are available by request. I will continue to update on occasion with new selections. All poems and photographs are written or photographed and copyright owned by  F. J. Llorente. Photographs and poems are available for publication or reprint with permission, or purchase . Contact me by responding to any of these pages at the bottom through the ‘comment’ section. I will respond with my contact email and more information.

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I have been writing poetry for over 40 years now. I have received awards over the years and have published poems on the internet and in print. I write for personal satisfaction and to share personal insights into humanity with others. I write from personal experience and with a personal interpretation. So each poem is a piece of my life and my being. Some of my friends may have read my poems under the pseudonym, ‘Max King’ or ‘Texas Max King’. It is also the name of a ‘Poetry and Music’  collection from the musical group of the same name, recorded and published several years ago now.

I am also a photographer and each poem will include a selection from my photography portfolio.


f. j. llorente